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When choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom, it’s best to think of the overall feel you want to achieve. For example, if you would like a relaxing room, reds and yellows are very warm hues and might not be the best solution. If you would like a vampish room, muted colours aren’t really going to help you achieve that goal. If you want to keep colours very light and natural, you need to create extra interest in the room. The below photos are from Button & Sprung, a British artisan company who make quality handmade beds and mattresses. The company sells stylish and affordable beds, headboards and mattresses, and their focus is on creating beds that incorporate quality and design, without the hefty price tag. As you can see from these roomset photographs, the range of designs is varied and the choice of colours is very wide.

Moody Blues

Deep colours are currently a huge trend. Blues especially. If you are fortunate enough to have a high ceilinged period house, really go for it and have deep blue walls throughout the bedroom as the extra space can carry it. If you are in a smaller more modern place, either a feature wall, or just a couple of walls saturated in a moody blue colour will suffice without making your bedroom feel depressing and too cramped. Keep your woodwork super white for contrast and include the odd pop of complementary colour, such as red and white.

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 A Perfect Combination

 When it comes to stylish bedroom colour schemes, yellow and grey really are the best of friends. Grey is the new neutral colour for homes at the moment, replacing rather uninspiring ‘90s and naughties beige. It’s a great neutral backdrop to work on as it really combines so well with virtually any colour. The addition of muted yellows, such as mustard, creates a cool and preppy look. Stay away from too much yellow or too bright a yellow though – unless you have a feature wall behind the bed. Otherwise you could have problems trying to wind down before you go to sleep.

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Keep it Neutral

Linen, taupes and creams used in combination are a more interesting way to create a nice relaxing neutral colour scheme for your bedroom. Texture things up to maximize complexity of style. Without texture a neutral room can be in danger of looking dull. Throws, rugs and rustic furniture all add something special to a neutral scheme. You can even add a dash of colour, but go for a navy or brown rather than colours that are too warm, such as reds, pinks and oranges. The addition of a bit of green can also add a natural feel, especially with cool planters and ferns, but don’t go to mad if you want that relaxed rustic feel.

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Loaf Crimple Ceramics

These wonderful new ceramics from Loaf are part of the new Crimple range. Each piece is totally unique. Crafted by artisans in Northern Portugal, the rustic design has a refined finished look. There are two colours to choose from; either classic white or a pale duck egg blue. The prices start at an affordable £35.00 for a set of four mugs – a very reasonable price for such well-designed and thoughtfully made pieces. Snap these up online or why not take a look in their Battersea store?

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