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When it comes to creating the right mood, correct lighting in a dining room is essential. There are a plethora of options available, but here are some of my favourite dining-room lighting ideas!

Well placed candles 

Candles are a wonderful way to add some extra warmth and glow (or as the Danish call it, Hyyge) to your dining room atmosphere. This is a lovely way to relax and enjoy company in the winter months – just add a roaring fire, cozy slippers and some close friends. For something more formal – how about a candelabra with classic white candles? Always make sure your candelabras are polished within an inch of their lives, and if you have more than one, be careful that the spacing and placement is correct.

A faithful corner lamp

The drama of a nice corner lamp can really add a great deal to the overall ambience of a dinner party. As with candles, it’s more of an additional lighting option, which can be used alongside other types of lighting. There is something about a strong corner lamp which adds a contented feel to its surrounding. If you remember back to when you were a child, the chances are you will recall the corner lamp in your sitting room or dining room, and how it made you feel safe and warm in the long evenings – your guests will almost certainly remember this feeling too!

Statement pendant lights

Statement pendant lights are a great addition to any dining room. Opt for something which is attention grabbing and good quality as it will be be the focal point of your entire room. Your imagination is the limit when choosing the best pendant for  your room. There are some great makers producing lights that are like works of art – you can also opt for a classy crystal pendant; the below infographic from The Lighting Superstore will help you take care of your crystal lighting.

Tips for lighting


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Oct 102016

There are some wonderful flower pattened bed linen sets springing up at the House of Fraser this season. From the stunning “seaweed” pattern below (1st photo) – a signature design from Morris & Co – to the restrained Scandinavian folk stitching of the below Dickins & Jones Flower Embroidery range (image 2), there is a floral set to suit any taste and budget. If you prefer more of a mid-modern feel, there’s a nice contemporary twist to the trend from the Olivier Desforges Edition range (image 3), or for a totally modern take on florals, the bold and fresh designs from Ted Baker have a very broad appeal for the young at heart (image 4).

Morris & Co

 Dickins & Jones Flower Embroidery Bed Linen Range


Olivier Desforges Edition Bed linen range

Olivier Desforges Edition Bed linen range

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