Feb 162016

Looking online for affordable arts rugs for my living room, I found the largest selection I liked at John Lewis. The Lindsay Lang, Ted Baker and John Lewis own ranges are particularly striking. I’ve put together a few of my faves below, which range in price from £35.00 to £1450. Use as a bold feature to a room, or, to be really different, the latest trend is to layer several rugs together for maximum effect!

John Lewis Rugs

1.  John Lewis Hotel Monaco Rug, Oyster£525.00. // 2. John Lewis Scandi Teardrop Rug – £315.00 – £595.00. // 3. John Lewis Scandi Edge Rug, Nordic Blue – £275.00 – £525.00 // 4. Lindsey Lang Fabonacci Rug, Multi – £200.00 – £400.00. // 5. Kit For Kids Star Baby Rug, Grey – £34.95. // 6. Ted Baker Shadow Floral Rug – £995.00 – £1,425.00. // 7. Lindsey Lang Pinpoint Rug, Multi – £200.00 – £400.00.

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Feb 152016

Ergonomics is the science all chair designers will have to take account of in the future, whether they’re designing seating for a stadium or an easy chair for your living room. Office chairs have long been in the forefront of this design revolution, because it’s in the office that we’re expected to sit for unhealthy lengths of time, and leading supplier Back2 has a range that lets you decide what suits your needs best.

Herman Miller

Ergonomic Chairs

Too much sitting is bad for your health, leading not only to spinal problems but also to a whole range of medical issues, from obesity to diabetes. Ergonomic chairs aren’t the whole answer, as Back2’s physiotherapist explains to the Guardian, but they’re an essential part of a healthy office environment, since they work with your body instead of against it.

They aren’t ugly, functional things to put up with, however. Many top designers are embracing ergonomics, and the specialist ergonomic designers pay as much attention to the aesthetic aspects as to the functional.


Ergonomic Chairs from Back2

If you’re looking for the latest ergonomic chairs for sale online, Back2 has an extensive choice. You may want to keep the look of the classic office chair, and several leading brands, including HAG, BodyBilt and Kinnarps, have a selection of shapes and colours, both with and without arms, combining the traditional office look with the latest in ergonomic science.

On the other hand, you might prefer the squarer look used by Girsberger, or Grahl’s duo back innovation. HAG, besides their traditional look, offer a range of stylishly minimalist modern designs — or, if you want to go to the opposite extreme, the Stressless Mayfair Office Chair is virtually an easy chair on a swivel base.

The most iconic of all designers of ergonomic chairs, available from Back2, is Herman Miller, whose Aeron is described by Gear Patrol as “the chair against which all other chairs are measured.” The Independent goes further, describing the Aeron as one of the key ergonomic designs, along with the Large Hadron Collider and the Sky remote control.

Herman Miller

Design and Health

As we become more conscious of the health implications of sitting, ergonomics will inevitably become the single most important design feature of chairs. We all realise that it’s vital to safeguard our health, whether we’re managing back pain or trying to avoid it.

Successful design is almost always function-led, and ergonomic office chairs like those on sale from Back2 will because the style icons of the future. You can have them now.


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Feb 052016

Charles and Ray Eames were two of the most iconic and prolific designers of the 20th Century. Their furniture designs have become a byword in understated contemporary style. Aram were early adopters of the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and to this day they still stock their hugely popular chairs, tables and toys. Here is a beautiful timeline provided by Aram, detailing the evolution of Eames!

Aram_Eames final design-2

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