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Timeless Art Deco Elegance with Newman & Bright

Beautiful Art Deco geometry and curves have been a firm fashion favourite in the the UK and US for the nearly the best part of a century. Other interiors fashions have ebbed and flowed, but Art Deco style has remained constant as a much loved style of design. I thing this has a lot do with the sheer inventiveness and expressiveness of the design, but also because Art Deco screams luxury, opulence and sophistication, and above all elegance. [Brought to you in association with Newman & Bright].

Ted Baker Wrap

Review: Flamingo Gifts

Today I have something of a review for you. Online retailer, Flamingo Gifts have kindly supplied me with a nice selection of items to review on Pargy. This varied store has a wide range of gifts for men, women, friends, teenagers or Mum’s and Dads – also catering for more fun or …

Cotton Sheets

Thread Count 101: Facts About the Thread Count of Cotton Sheets

If you’re looking for sheets, then one of the biggest details manufacturers will try to push at you is the thread count. Whether it’s 250 or 800, that little number is one of the most overinflated selling points of any sheet—but what exactly does it mean? [brought to you in association with Boll & Branch].

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