Mar 192012

A bit of a pictorial post today to show some of the lovely re-issues at Heals’s of the ceramics of Florentine Pottery Designer Aldo Londi (made by Ceramiche Bitossi in the 50’s and 60’s, and still going strong today).  As well as his famous Rimini Blu range, Londi’s slightly more minimal range called “Arkitectura”  is also making a comeback (see the white pieces below).

Do check out my PopHaus blog at some point this week, as I’m aiming to write a more detailed piece about Londi in general, as I’m a I’m a huge fan of his beautiful ceramics, especially, it has to be said, the Rimini Blu pieces!

 March 19, 2012  Posted by at 1:17 pm Interiors

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