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Doors are sometimes overlooked when maintaining, or upgrading a property or home. Choosing the right ones, and taking the time to maintain them properly, really does make a difference to how your property looks, how much your property is valued at, and how safe and comfortable it is.


Why your choice of doors matters

When someone arrives at your property the first thing he or she notices is you front door. Entranceways are so important that many estate agents recommend that you update yours, or paint it, before you put your property on the market. You can read more about why that is, and how a nice front door can help you to sell your house fast, on this website.

Internal doors are an integral part of any room. When considering the flow of a room, you need to plan what doors you need very carefully. A door which opens the wrong way is going to cause a lot of disruption. Also if you are low on space you might want to consider Bi-fold doors which are an excellent option for keeping an area clutter free.

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Quality matters

Plenty of companies make good quality doors, and sell them for a reasonable price, but do avoid any doors that are made from very poor quality materials as they won’t last for very long, and are potentially a security risk. The wood can warp and look ugly, and chipping may also occur. Look too for a good finish.

Well insulated

Obviously a door needs to be heavy and thick enough, to provide good sound and insulation. This is a particularly important consideration when buying bedroom or bathroom doors.

If you buy well-insulated doors, you will gain the added benefit of being able to keep the heat in a room in the winter, and out during the summer. This brings me nicely to my next point. It is important for the door to fit into the frame snugly. Even a small gap will allow noise and heat to leak in and out of a room.

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Safety considerations

Safety is another important consideration when buying a door. You need to make sure that it is made from the right materials. Glass interior doors look great, but they have the potential to be dangerous. Every year, people trip and put their hands through this type of door, and suffer serious injuries. If you really want glass doors, it is important to make sure that they are made of high quality safety glass.

It is well worth buying internal fire check doors. They cost a bit more, but can potentially keep fire at bay for as much as 30 minutes, giving the emergency services time to get you out of the house.

Security considerations

When buying a front door, you need to make sure that it has a good quality lock to keep potential thieves out. You also need to consider the material the body of the door is made from. Those that are made from plastic or thin engineered wood can be so flimsy that a burglar can just kick the bottom out, and do so in less than a minute.

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