Nov 082016

So, now is the time for some serious hot-off-the press fashion-forward interiors inspiration then. And that’s because I totally love the new AW16 Bidjar range from Pargy favourites House of Hackey. This kitsch, but oh-so-grown up new line, is a masterclass in dark, opulent maximalism. Inspired by “ancient silk roads” of China and Persia, if it were a popstar, it would be a cross between Florence and Siouxie Soux. And why not compare it to a pop star? Because after all it is edgy, quality, eccentric Englishness at its best. So, enough of me drooling then, and here are a few pictures for your bloguvisual pleasure.




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Nov 082016

One of the hardest rooms to transform in any home is the bathroom. There are so many component parts to the whole process, and more often than not you will have to employ a tradesperson to take care of any specialised tasks such as plumbing, tiling and possibly plasterwork. However, as a non-professional there’s no need to panic just yet. The key to any successful bathroom project is simply to plan, plan and then plan some more! Here are a few pointers to help you plan your new bathroom with confidence.

Design your Bathroom!

Start off with making a moodboard so that you can see what types of product you want and the look you’re after. You can either do this with magazines and a pair of scissors, or there are a plethora of tools online which can really help you visualise the end result. Planning where everything goes in the bathroom is a task you really need to get right from the beginning. Go online to find a free online tool which will help you to create some plans from which to work from. Check out products in showrooms if possible, or order samples of flooring and tiling from companies such as Gul Group, to see what the exact finish is like. If you aren’t very confident with tech or measurements, many companies offer a project management service, but check the costings of this to make sure it fits with your budget (some companies even offer this as a free service).

Decide your Budget

Now, I know this one may seem a bit obvious, but how many times have you seen home transformation programmes on T.V. where the project goes massively over time and budget! Always be conservative in your financial estimations, and even add a certain amount that is surplus at the end of your calculations as a cut off point for what you can afford. You want to relax in your nice new bath after a hard day’s work, not be reminded of how broke you are now that your luxurious new bathroom is finished.

Go with the Flow

Trying to figure out what needs doing when, in what order, and by whom, is possibly one of the most challenging aspects of any bathroom project, but again, simply by planning ahead, you can take the pain out of the process and achieve the final result you desire. Firstly, you need to work out what you can do yourself and what needs a tradesperson. Can you really do tiling? Do you need an electrician to install a shower? Get online and do your research (and yes you do need a qualified electrician by law to install a shower in the UK). Once you have ascertained these things, put together a simple flowchart to help you visualise the order things need to be done in and when to involve relevant people in the project. Now you are armed and ready to start the real graft!



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