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…Pargy has been asked to select a favourite image of a bedroom from the interiors press to peruse. I chose the gorgeous image below, taken from a firm Pargy favourite, Adore Magazine. Take a peek here to find out more about my thoughts on this flowery scheme with a masculine edge on the Amara Blog.


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When trying to achieve a luxury bathroom or kitchen project I can’t stress how important it is to use the best quality fixtures you can possibly afford. Oftentimes you can economise somewhat on bathroom suites, or kitchen units if you look around, or you can upclycle or visit a reclamation centre, but low-spec fixtures and fittings can really give the game away if you are after a luxury finish. Things such as taps, showers, and other chrome-work are the main event for a luxury style; read on for some tips for choosing the best.

To mix or not to mix?

Mixer taps have become an increasingly popular option for both bathrooms and kitchens. This is partly because they are a great focal point for either room. They are also very practical – especially for the bathroom. A mixer tap is a great way to judge the final temperature for a bath. It’s especially useful if you have a young family. A mixer tap will help you to ensure your bath is at a safe temperature for little ones.

Another brilliant feature of a mixer tap is that they are very flexible in style. I think modern mixer kitchen taps, from a quality company such as Grohe, work especially well, but of course, there are plenty of mixer taps available on the market. Do be careful to keep the style of your mixer tap in line with the kind of bathroom or kitchen you have – unless you are very confident with what you are doing – as the end result may not be as successful as you would like!

Grohe bathroom

Showering essentials

If you are trying to achieve a high end look in your bathroom, you need a shower that demands attention! There are many types of showers available on the market. What type of shower head do you go for? Obviously the wall mounted unit is the most popular option as it’s easy to install, but avoid basic looking shower heads which are plastic, or rubber as they look pretty dated.

For a more luxurious option, chrome is the way to go. At the more practical end of the luxury scale is the hand-held shower, which is especially useful if you have small children. If you want a pristine bathroom that has a spa feel to it, a rain shower head has a beautiful waterfall experience. A body spray shower is great too, but you need to be committed for this option as there can be lots of precise drilling that needs to be carried out.

On a final note, a shower for many of us is a daily essential, but it also makes us feel good. Whether you get in the shower to freshen up after a day at the office, or cherish a few moments of peace whilst the kids are in bed, a stylish and effective shower adds something special to your day, so always opt for quality when choosing your fixtures!



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