Nov 072016

I’ve been writing about interiors for nearly a decade now, and I see some really incredible products on the market, but what excites me most, is when a classic design has been reimagined so well that it could almost have been created especially for the 21st century. The new PURE MORRIS range does exactly that (and more!)

Obviously Morris is synonymous with bold colour, flourishes of flowery pattern and the Arts and Crafts movement. The new PURE MORRIS range does away with the colour and ushers in the greyscale, bringing the Arts and Crafts opulent style into line with contemporary colour palettes and styling. This was something that was really needed. The beautiful William Morris patterns had become a victim of their own success, and were particularly over-used in mass production in the 1980s. The result of this being that Morris & Co had a reputation for chintzy, Victorian dining parlour loved by ladies of a certain age; which is so unfair as the design really are so incredible. Thankfully, the new PURE MORRIS range, takes beloved designs such as the “Strawberry Thief” and presents us with a pattern that is flowing and beautiful, but is also a good backdrop from which you can work with to create layer up a room. And without losing the spectacle of the original design. Here are a few of my favourite room-sets which showcase these incredible reinterpretations.




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